Lesbian Veterans coming home to land. Training, support, connections, grant programs and loans for purchase of farm land and equipment.


Veterans to Farmers


Military Veteran Farmer Training | Beginning Farmers

  • This page provides information about beginning farmer training programs specifically targeted toward military veterans.

Armed to Farm: Sustainable Agriculture Training For Military ...

  • The program is available to military veterans who have recently begun farming & who wish to learn more skills, explore sustainable and diverse enterprises.

Veterans - New Farmers - US Department of Agriculture


Veterans - Rodale Institute

Beginning Farmer and Rancher Opportunities | Center for Rural Affairs

  • Veterans receive benefits for education or for starting farms and businesses...

Veterans Healing Farm | Cultivating Life Through Community

  • This innovative program designed to educate and empower veterans with lessons in farming, homesteading and sustainability.

Farm Loans - Veterans Benefits Administration

  • Program, Career Services, Educational Assistance, Home Loan Guaranty

Growing Change: Farmer Veteran Coalition – Farm Aid

  • FVC is chock full of programming, from farm retreats, to financial planning and business courses, to a small grants program that helps aspiring farmer veterans .

SAVE Farm | A Pathway to Farming for Veterans and Service Members

  • The Solider Agricultural Vocational Education Farm is committed to helping veterans and service members transition into agriculture.

Organic Farming Program for Military & Vets | Delaware Valley ...

  • Military vets can transition into the working world easy by completing this 1-year Organic Farming certification program at Delaware Valley College.

Farming & Ranching Workshop for Veterans - Texas

  • Learn how to develop an ag business plan, start an ag business, farm or ranch with a disability,

Veterans and Small Farmers Outreach Program (VeSFO ...

  • This program is looking to enhance the sustainability of farm operations of veterans, socially disadvantaged, and new farmers in South Florida.

The University of Maine - Beginning Farmer Resource Network of ...

  • These programs are important in developing necessary skills in farming, while also addressing the difficulties some veterans face in their transition back to civilian life

Sustainable Agriculture Training - Cal Poly Pomona

  • The six week certificate program provides an intensive introduction to small scale sustainable farming, hands-on hydroponic greenhouse management


2014 Farm Bill and “Veteran Farmers” - Ground Operations!

From War To Plow: Why USDA Wants Veterans To Take Up Farming ...

Federal Funding Available for Minority and Veteran Farmer ...

10 Farmer Training Programs Helping Veterans Heal - Food Tank

Farmer programs aid military veterans and 'advanced beginners ...

  • Feb 2, 2015 ... A well-established agricultural outreach effort run by Cornell is taking on a new mission designed in part to help returning veterans find futures 

Tilth Honors Veterans, Future Farmers - Oregon Tilth

  • Nov 10, 2016 ... The new Farm Bill requires a preference be given to veteran farmers and in awarding grants to producers under this program

Programs available nationwide to assist veteran farmers

  • May 29, 2015 ... With more veterans being drawn to careers in agriculture there is a need for programs and organizations to help them get started in agriculture

Vets to Ag - College of Agriculture & Natural Resources - Michigan ...

  • Jul 30, 2015 ... Vets to Ag - Veteran's Agri-food and Natural Resources Worker ... The Vets to Ag program is an innovative residential training program for US ...


Note: Many communities and local non-profits offer additional resources