Lesbian Natural Resources invites you to start gathering your notes to tell your story.

Beginning October 1, 2017, communities and private landowners are invited to contribute to a book of stories of our lands as we formed Lesbian culture and connections in wild and rural spaces. We encourage you to describe your livelihood, food provisioning from the land, shelter making and adapting sustainable systems, community building, creative arts, healing work, and skills, all you have learned that will encourage and pass on your experience to other wimmin to do more self sufficient wilding. What are your policies regarding visitors, children, food, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, music, money/fees/ work exchange, buildings, pets, weapons, apprentices/workers, residents? You may be a solo landyke or in a community of hundreds. The story of your land is important to all landykes, and to those who will be coming. Let’s conspire, inspire, and keep alive the options for autonomous wimmin’s culture that honors who we are when we are among ourselves.

Write your story. Collect a photo or two that can be used in the landyke book. Please limit your text to approximately 2-3 typewritten pages. We ask that you send first hard copy on paper and photocopies, unsized, of your photos between October 1, 2017, and January 1, 2020. On publication you will receive a copy of the book.

At a later date, you will be contacted to send a digital copy with edits suggested by the Landyke Book editors and scans of your photos with specifications. When the Landyke book is available it will be sold as a fundraiser for Lesbian Natural Resources and at that time you may also purchase additional copies and benefit LNR with purchase of the original Lesbian Land book.