A Vision for Lesbian Land

Lesbian Land is a setting in which Lesbians may explore and expand the interactions among ourselves as we build community, coming to this setting to learn how to be for ourselves and one another what we need and desire.

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Lesbian land is a setting for developing the skills of living so we may learn how to nurture and protect ourselves and restore our sense of capability.

Lesbian land is a setting for restoring our connection to the natural world both in our explorations and learning about the environment and in our attempt to find our natural place within it neither exploiting/spoiling nor distancing ourselves from it by fear of spoiling.

Lesbian land is a setting for developing Lesbian culture autonomous from the mass culture of our various patriarchal societies of origin, and exploring what delights and expresses our being.

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Lesbian land is a place of healing for ourselves in relationship to one another and to the environment, a place of discharge of negative self images and expectations and an opportunity to create respectful and egalitarian modes of economic and cultural survival.

Lesbian land is a home for Lesbians who are living beyond the borders of patriarchy and a place of sanctuary for Lesbians who are exploring what it would mean to separate from patriarchy.

At the time of our founding most Lesbian lands were community focused whether collectively owned or privately, and were frequently open to any woman who wanted or needed to be there, at least for a period of time.